Jess and I have been chatting for some time now through our partnership and we wanted to revive Racing Mentor Podcast. 


There is some fantastic content on Jess's channel previously, I remember listening to the episodes in the early days of 2019. Having always enjoyed podcasts whilst walking the dogs, I find it a great way to digest information while doing daily activities. 


But Jess expressed interest in refreshing her content and we came to the decision, why don't we co-host it?


Jess and I often find ourselves on 10 minutes catch up calls, easily lasting over an hour. We seem to have this way of bouncing all kinds of ideas off of each other and the rest of our day is engaged and inspiring. 


So it made sense to get together and start the latest Racing Mentor Podcast! 


A really exciting moment, and I feel so proud to be part of it. 


The podcast talks about all things sponsorship, and each week on Tuesday a new episode is launched. 


If you wanted to catch our podcast you can do so by following the links below.