Back in 2019, is when I became a racing driver. And what a proud moment that was.

It was an opportunity for me which completely changed my life and it did for the better. Even as I write this blog post I still pinch myself and feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to make this happen.


But there was a secret key that unlocked the success that allowed me to become a racing driver.


And that is with the book that Jess Shanahan, the Racing Mentor wrote. The book is called Get Paid To Race.


When I entered the world of motorsport I wanted to make sure that I raised money for sponsorship the correct way. And I didn't know how to do that, which is why I did some Google research to find out exactly what sponsorship was and how I could do it in the right way. 

That's when I stumbled upon the Racing Mentor website and learnt all about what Jess offers and how she helps drivers get on track and make a success of racing sponsorship.


I purchased her book and read it within a couple of weeks. And I couldn't believe the transformation of my knowledge of how to deliver excellent benefits to sponsors. 


Super excited, I signed up to her six weeks to success course. And within the six weeks of signing that course, I finally landed my first sponsorship deal. And my drive in the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club for the 2019 championship. I just couldn't believe what I had achieved.


If you are interested in how to get on track with a really good understanding of how to benefit sponsors. Then look no further and go grab yourself a copy.