So my new Youtube channel has now gone live and I am super excited to be using this space to Vlog my life as a I progress as a racing driver. Video content is a really great way to show my personality and document my journey in a more fluid way. I have actually been quite nervous to launch this with a wondering thought of will people actually want to watch? 

This channel is going to be used to document various aspects of my life and I hope you find it useful to get to know me better but also learn more about motorsport and the work I do. 

Firstly, the channel will be mainly about my life as a racing driver. I am continually learning and developing myself as a driver. Putting myself in the best mental and physical condition as possible to climb the ladder of motorsport. I want to share with you my experienes and how I am performing both good and bad so you get to see a true experience of a life of a racing driver. 

The next part of the channel will be focussed around fertility. As an ambassador for Fertility Network UK it is important for me to continue to spread awareness for feritlity, which is something I have been dealing with for the previous 6 years. I use motorsport as a way to raise awareness for my cause to help those 1 in 6 couples dealing with fertility issues. So far we have had so much success in the media with recent coverage on BBC News and The Times. 

I will also be sharing with you stories from my sponsors, those people and companies who allow of this to happen. We will be looking at the business side to motorsport and how companies can get a return on their investment through sponsorship with actual feedback from my sponsors. I think it is really important to share these stories with you as none of this is possible without them. Head over to my partners page to see the companies that keep me on track.

Lastly, I will be sharing more lifestyle type Vlog posts, showing you what I get up to in all other aspects of my life. 

Feel free to visit my channel and please hit the subscribe.